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Things to do in Amsterdam

Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam events! Amsterdam nightlife! Amsterdam date night! These are just some of the words our marketing guy tells us Google’s algorithm likes. (Hey, don’t judge. It got you here, didn’t it?)

Now that we have your attention, The Comedy Embassy is Amsterdam’s highest-rated stand-up comedy show. Just been to the Anne Frank House and still sad? We’ll take care of that! Just been to the Van Gogh Museum and the mushrooms haven’t worn off yet? We’re even funnier than those sunflowers!

You can find our four weekly English-language shows at the best comedy venues in town. The Comedy Cafe is conveniently located just a ten-minute walk from Central Station. Across town, on the Rozengracht, Boom Chicago once launched the careers of Seth Meyers, Jordan Peele, Jason Sudeikis and now us. (Between us, we have six Emmy’s and an Oscar… more or less evenly distributed)

So if you’re not sure of what to do in Amsterdam, you could do a heck of a lot worse. Get your tickets now!

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