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So… Are you a comedy club?

Not exactly. The Comedy Embassy produces stand-up comedy shows at various venues. So, no, it’s not a physical place that you can touch. It’s more of an… ideal. Or a state of mind.

Comedy Embassy… Comedy Cafe… What’s the difference anyway?

Hey, you rhymed! The Comedy Embassy is a show. And most of these shows do take place at renowned comedy club the Comedy Cafe. We’ve teamed up to bring you the international funnies, but we’re a different thing. If you’re looking to rent a venue, we aren’t the ones to talk to. Does that clear it up?

As an embassy, do your comedians have diplomatic immunity?

As was made abundantly clear to us following the incident, no. However, while on stage, our acts are free to talk about anything they want. The name is more of a reflection of the diversity displayed on our stage, with acts from all over the world performing.

Are all your shows in English?

Si! (Seriously though, yes. Though we make no promises as to the quality of the English)

So what is a Comedy Embassy show like?

Typically, our shows are two hours long (break not included) and feature between three and five international comedians. However, the MC/host/compere is secretly a comedian too! (Don’t tell anyone: it would break his mother’s heart). So that’s a bonus we throw in free of charge.

I can’t wait! How early will you have me!?

Whoa there… We open our doors just as soon as our resident artists have completed their strict pre-show regimen (junk food on the metro and nervous diarrhea).

Just come half an hour before showtime. We’ll have them hosed off by then.

Is there a drink minimum at your shows?

We’re happy to say there is neither a drink minimum, nor a drink maximum.

Do with that information what you will…

Is there food available at your shows?

Define food… Our venues do have snacks and finger food for sale, but if you’re looking for a full meal, we’d recommend eating beforehand. As luck would have it, the Comedy Cafe is located next to restaurant Nomad aan het IJ. And Boom Chicago is within spitting distance of a number of restaurants. (We checked)

Are children allowed at your shows?

While we do not have an age limit, we kindly request you leave any children under the age of 10 at home. In our experience, the likelihood of them sitting still for two hours without disrupting the show is very, very low.

As for older children: no problem! Bear in mind some pretty “adult” topics are discussed by our comedians. But this is Europe, baby! If you’re cool with it, so are we.

Are your shows wheelchair accessible?

Most of them, yes! The Comedy Cafe can handle a wheelchair or mobility scooter, no problem. However, our shows at Boom Chicago take place in the upstairs theater, and there is sadly no elevator in the building.

Do your venues have a dress code?

Heeeeeell no. Amsterdam is a pretty informal city. And god knows our comedians don’t exactly dress up for the occasion. Wear whatever you damn well please.

I bought a ticket but would like to change the date!

It happens all the time. Maybe your flight to Amsterdam got rebooked. Maybe someone in your party fell ill. Maybe you accidentally clicked the wrong date. (We’re not judging: drunk browsing accounts for a good portion of our sales) Either way, what’s done is done and we’re here to help.

Please send us an e-mail at with the name under which you bought the ticket(s), the date they’re currently for, and the date you would prefer instead. So long as the new date isn’t sold out, we’ll transfer your tickets free of charge.

Your show is so amazing, I don’t even deserve to see it myself. Can I give someone else tickets as a gift instead?

First of all, you’re beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you different. Second of all, you sure can! There are Comedy Embassy Gift Cards for sale. Hidden away in our menu under “Gift Cards”.

I saw a comedian at one of your shows and I (never) want to see them again!

More of a statement than a question, but we hear ya. In our menu under “Shows”, you can find the line-ups for our upcoming… well, shows.

There was one act that was unforgettable! What was their name again…?

Under “About Us” you’ll find the bio’s of all our regular performers. (Don’t worry, there’s pictures) Find your favorites there and follow them on social media. It may be an inadequate substitute for our parents’ approval, but we haven’t found a better one!

(No, YOU’RE crying!)

I am a company and I want to get me some of that Comedy Embassy goodness delivered to my workplace/event/gathering/nephew’s birthday party.

Sure, we’ll do anything for money! Our comedians will come and perform as long or short as you want. From a single comedic host for your event, to a full two-hour comedy showcase, and anything in between. Simply e-mail us at and tell us exactly what you need.

I am a comedian and would like to come perform at The Comedy Embassy.

Sounds fun! Please connect with us at Be sure to include a video of a full stand-up set and any dates you would be available. We’ll see if we can carve out some room for you in one of our line-ups.