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The Comedy Embassy Red Logo + Slogan

Having started out in the Red Light District under the name Off the Wall(en), The Comedy Embassy is now housed at the Comedy Cafe. Comedy Cafe has been a dedicated comedy club for nearly 25 years and is located just a ten-minute walk from Central Station and a stone’s throw away from the Palace of Justice (though the Palace has politely requested we stop throwing stones at them).


Tim Hill NL

Tim Hill is a recovering cynic. A backpacker who settled down to become a dad. A sweet guy with a sting in his tail. But above all, a smartass who loves referring to himself in the third person (he really does). Tim does not approve of people calling him a hipster – meaning he probably is one – and sees the world as a meaningless yet endlessly fascinating place. Tim is cheap, clean and sustainable and is therefore considered by many to be a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Tim is co-founder of The Comedy Embassy, as well as writer and co-creator of sketch channel Infinite Monkey Theory, which has amassed literally tens of followers.

Lara Ricote MEX

Lara Ricote is a small Mexican stand-up and improv comedian. She’s an innocent and funky storyteller who often gets political in her jokes. You probably won’t notice though, since she just slips it in – in a very innocent and non-rapey way.

Lara recently presented her first hour-special “De Visita” in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She’s also performed in London, Brussels, Rio de Janeiro and will be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2020.

Zuva Martens ZMB/NL

Zuva Martens is a fluffy stand-up comedian with an edge. A relaxed presence on stage, Zuva finds the funny in his personal life, culture, politics and race, mostly at his own expense. His witty and out-of-the-box punchlines entertain from start to finish, and have made him a mainstay in the English comedy scene.

Bob Maclaren NZ

Born in New Zealand and resident in Amsterdam, Bob Maclaren has delighted every corner of the world with his laconic and surprising comedy. A combination of kiwi isolation and the lurid madness of Amsterdam gives Bob a refreshingly unusual view of life as he sees it. A storyteller extraordinaire with a body language that can be best described as mildly unhinged; his routines have been televised on every continent.

Jacob Adriani NL

Y’all are loved. Y’all are interesting. Y’all should consider adopting the world “y’all” into your vocabulary. Jacob Adriani offers uncommon perspectives and sincere advice for a better world/life/weekend (on whatever scale you want to operate). Wake up in the morning. Learn from Pikachu and Sean Paul. Be a dog. It’ll make sense when he gets to it.

Carly Baker US

Carly Baker has been writing and performing comedy for over 15 years. Her self-deprecating style is both sweet and raw. Honest, energetic and charming with just the right bit of filth mixed in, she’s a favourite with both men and women and everything in between. Husbands have come and gone since Carly began stand-up and she will happily tell you about it all in gritty detail with a smile. Comedy is her passion and it translates on stage and in her love of the craft.

Matt Castellvi US

Matt Castellvi is a Cuban, Chicago-native comedian who has been performing nationally and internationally for the past 15 years. He has trained at Second City, iO and CSz Theater in Chicago. Matt has headlined comedy festivals all over the world and is currently a cast member at Boom Chicago, Amsterdam’s foremost theater for improv.

Adam Fields UK

Whether as an act, MC or headliner Adam manages to charm every crowd. His stand-up performances are peppered with spontaneous wit and schizophrenic leaps into other personalities. A lively and visual comic with well-crafted routines that consistently induce hard and fast laughter. Adam has supported some of the biggest names in comedy including Marc Maron, TJ Miller, Jim Gaffigan, Russell Howard and Jack Dee on their European tours. He’s suave, likeable and has a remarkable ability to make even the naughtiest jokes sound like pure poetry. An absolute master of the craft with well thought-out routines and a razor-sharp wit.

Kor Hoebe POL/NL

He is half-Polish and half-Dutch. On average, that makes him a German. Kor is a born and raised Amsterdammer. Despite having grown up in relative proximity to the UK, he speaks American English with a Dutch accent. He tries to be vulnerable on stage not because he wants to but because he needs to. He looks like the love child of Richard Branson and Boris Becker. That’s why he needs to.

Onno Blom NL

Onno is a real comedians’ comedian. The moment you think you know what he is about, he will change his pace and leave you confused. Find yourself agreeing with him, and you’ll regret it before the end of his act. Love it or hate it, you will walk out a different person.

Zoe Brownstone CAN

Zoe Brownstone is a Toronto born comic who has recently made the move to the Netherlands. Back in Canada Zoe was a finalist in the city wide Comedy Brawl competition in the fall of 2018 and has been busy touring around Europe since her move earlier this year.

Follow her along @zoezoehaha/@zoebrownstone &

Paul London NL

Paul is a natural storyteller, who can sometimes be a little rough around the edges. Slowly growing older and getting discounts at the hairdresser’s, he no longer has time for some of life’s bullcrap and grasps onto any straw of significance that suburban life has to offer. His brain is never at a standstill, which makes him perceive normal situations in hilarious, yet complicated ways. He is sharp, quick on his feet and knows how to mesmerize any crowd. He is a regular in the Dutch comedy scene, performing in English as well as in Dutch.

Odette Van Der Molen NL

With self-deprecating, sharp humor and spot on characterizations, Odette manages
to ridicule modern times and the generation gap in a challenging way.

Neil Robinson CAN

Neil originally hails from Vancouver, Canada and has been living in Amsterdam since 2008, where his comedy career began. Using sharp wit, clever observations, and that ‘nice Canadian guy’ attitude, Neil is always a crowd-favourite. A regular at Amsterdam’s Comedy Café and a finalist in multiple Sonnema Comedy Competitions, Neil has performed for audiences throughout Europe and Canada. He is also the co-creator of the online comedy series “Survival Guide to the Dutch”. Since 2014, the series has been dedicated to all aspects of life in the Netherlands, from the amusing to the confusing. The series has garnered over 30 million views online.

Olivia Flood-Wylie US

Olivia Flood-Wylie is an American comedian who moved to Amsterdam to achieve her lifelong dream of not being in Los Angeles anymore. She recently debuted her half hour special, and was named a “2020 One To Watch” by Funny Women. When she’s not doing stand up across Amsterdam, she can be found performing on Team Grover at Boom Chicago.