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The Comedy Embassy Red Logo + Slogan

Having started as a weekly show in the Red Light District, The Comedy Embassy now produces stand-up comedy showcases at some of the best venues all over Amsterdam. Typically, a professional MC welcomes four diverse acts onto the stage from both the local comedy scene as well as the international stand-up community.


Tim Hill


Tim Hill is a recovering cynic. A backpacker who settled down to become a dad. A sweet guy with a sting in his tail. But above all, a smartass who loves referring to himself in the third person (he really does). Tim does not approve of people calling him a hipster – meaning he probably is one – and sees the world as a meaningless yet endlessly fascinating place. Tim is cheap, clean and sustainable and is therefore considered by many to be a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Tim is co-founder of The Comedy Embassy, as well as writer and co-creator of sketch channel Infinite Monkey Theory, which has amassed literally tens of followers.

Tim Hill:
FB: Tim van ‘t Hul
Youtube: @TimoftheHillMusic
Twitter: @IamTimHill
TikTok: @timhillcomedy

Zuva Martens


Zuva Martens is a fluffy stand-up comedian with an edge. A relaxed presence on stage, Zuva finds the funny in his personal life, culture, politics and race, mostly at his own expense. His witty and out-of-the-box punchlines entertain from start to finish, and have made him a mainstay in the English comedy scene.

All socials: @afrocomedian

Bob Maclaren


Born in New Zealand and resident in Amsterdam, Bob Maclaren has delighted every corner of the world with his laconic and surprising comedy. A combination of kiwi isolation and the lurid madness of Amsterdam gives Bob a refreshingly unusual view of life as he sees it. A storyteller extraordinaire with a body language that can be best described as mildly unhinged; his routines have been televised on every continent.


Jacob Adriani


Y’all are loved. Y’all are interesting. Y’all should consider adopting the world “y’all” into your vocabulary. Jacob Adriani offers uncommon perspectives and sincere advice for a better world/life/weekend (on whatever scale you want to operate). Wake up in the morning. Learn from Pikachu and Sean Paul. Be a dog. It’ll make sense when he gets to it.

IG: @jacobadriani_ja

Matt Castellvi


Matt Castellvi is a Cuban, Chicago-native comedian who has been performing nationally and internationally for the past 15 years. He has trained at Second City, iO and CSz Theater in Chicago. Matt has headlined comedy festivals all over the world and is currently a cast member at Boom Chicago, Amsterdam’s foremost theater for improv.

IG : @lolztellvi
TikTok/YouTube: castellvicomedy

Adam Fields


Whether as an act, MC or headliner Adam manages to charm every crowd. His stand-up performances are peppered with spontaneous wit and schizophrenic leaps into other personalities. A lively and visual comic with well-crafted routines that consistently induce hard and fast laughter. Adam has supported some of the biggest names in comedy including Marc Maron, TJ Miller, Jim Gaffigan, Russell Howard and Jack Dee on their European tours. He’s suave, likeable and has a remarkable ability to make even the naughtiest jokes sound like pure poetry. An absolute master of the craft with well thought-out routines and a razor-sharp wit.

IG: @adamfieldski

Kor Hoebe


He is half-Polish and half-Dutch. On average, that makes him a German. Kor is a born and raised Amsterdammer. Despite having grown up in relative proximity to the UK, he speaks American English with a Dutch accent. He tries to be vulnerable on stage not because he wants to but because he needs to. He looks like the love child of Richard Branson and Boris Becker. That’s why he needs to.

IG: @kor_hoebe
TikTok: @korhoebe

Odette Van Der Molen


Winner of the Comedy Talent Award 2019, Odette van der Molen is made for the spotlights! With her self-deprecating, sharp humor and spot-on characterisations, she challenges and ridicules modern life and her generation gap, with relatable topics.

With her delightful Dutch accent, Odette is likely to kill the Queen’s English on the spot, but you won’t mind, as she’ll make up for it!

Odette joined the English-speaking comedy scene in recent years and is already making a name for herself, leaving expats and tourists in stitches. She can be sharp, honest and direct, not sparing herself one single bit, and not entirely free of any self-embarrassment. Odette effortlessly connects with her audience in both a charming and playful way.


FB: odette.vandermolen.1

IG: @odetteamsterdam

Neil Robinson


Neil originally hails from Vancouver, Canada and has been living in Amsterdam since 2008, where his comedy career began. Using sharp wit, clever observations, and that ‘nice Canadian guy’ attitude, Neil is always a crowd-favourite. A regular at Amsterdam’s Comedy Café and a finalist in multiple Sonnema Comedy Competitions, Neil has performed for audiences throughout Europe and Canada. He is also the co-creator of the online comedy series “Survival Guide to the Dutch”. Since 2014, the series has been dedicated to all aspects of life in the Netherlands, from the amusing to the confusing. The series has garnered over 30 million views online.

IG: neilsinamsterdam

Alina Sharipova


Alina Sharipova is a Russian- Belgian comedian based in Amsterdam. Her friends often compare her to herpes because she never really goes away. Her comedic style is dark, vulnerable, and quick- witted. She’s just the crouton in the salad of stand- up. Having performed for audiences throughout Europe, as both MC and act, you can catch her this summer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022.

IG & TikTok: @sleeping_bootie

Diederik Zuurmond


Diederik puts the scent in adolescent because he smells fresh and young. His love for comedy stems from a combination of his fear of the impending apocalypse and his need for validation.With a dutch face and a british accent Diederik is a true world citizen. He listens to reggae music and even knows some of the lyrics. With dark yet surreal jokes, this optimistic-nihilism-fueled man-child might just make you laugh.

IG: @diedzz

Edo Berger


Edo Berger hails from Amsterdam. Edo eats everything and loves children. His favourite primary colours are red, yellow and blue.

Edo Berger won several Dutch comedy festivals before expanding to performing in English. His performances have brought him to Edinburgh, Budapest, Oslo, Moscow and Tokyo, among others. He also shot and directed a documentary about the comedian’s love for anecdotes about horrible comedy gigs, called Dictator of Comedy.

FB: edobergercabaretier
IG: @edo_berger



This Egyptian born stand-up comedian can usually be found looking for a decent happy hour and reading the latest infectious diseases update – only in the hopes it would make her material go viral. After an entirely non lucrative career trying to save the world, she’s now going for public self-flagellation through comedy. Which is in itself a kind of humanitarian relief. Her credits include opening and closing shows for guys who have opened shows for other guys who once started out opening and closing shows for some more guys. She’s gigged, MC-ed, roast battled & improv’d in Holland, Japan, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, the UK, the US and in her car.

FB & IG: @lahager

Jeroen Leenders


“The hard part isn’t to make people laugh, but to make them laugh with the painful and frightening stuff.”

To some minds he is dangerously upsetting. To colleagues he is known as a comedian’s comedian. Never backing down, always keeping everybody on board. That’s the balance he is looking for. Award-winning in his mother tongue, he has been silently exploring the English scene for quite a bit. New to you, but not new at all.

Jeroen will rattle your brain and blast your soul.

FB: JeroenLeendersCrazyBelgian
IG: @jeroenleenderssessions

Soula Notos


Soula Notos is a Dutch-Greek comedian based in Utrecht. Many audiences in Europe have encountered this bubbly hugger with her interactive and physical style. Her comedy is expressive, energetic and full of self-mockery. She has performed at the Utrecht International Comedy Festival, the International Luxembourg Comedy Festival and the Women in Comedy Festival in Manchester. She is a member of the collective the Comedyhuis. Besides being a comedian, she works as an actress, theatermaker, storyteller, teacher, and a host. More info:

IG: @soulanotos

“A lot of flair and strong body language.”-

“Yeah, great and all, but why are you not married?” – Mom

Jamal Khadar


Jamal Khadar is a British but sort-of-Dutch-I-guess comedian. With an American accent. Currently based (somewhat reluctantly) here in Amsterdam.

With self-deprecating humour and personal, honest observations about fatherhood, therapy and navigating a raft of insecurities — this young(ish) comedian might help you laugh at yourself long enough to keep the anxiety at bay (briefly).

Jamal is also an improv comedian, who performs on the House Team at Boom Chicago, and the Free Association Theatre in London.


IG: @krolobykhadar

Paul London


Paul London is a natural storyteller. He is quick on the draw and tells it like it is. This father of two is slowly growing older and gets a discount at the hairdresser’s. He no longer has time for most of life’s bullshit and grasps onto any straw of significance that suburban life has to offer. His brain is never at a standstill, which makes him perceive normal situations in hilarious, yet complicated ways.

He is sharp, quick on his feet and knows how to mesmerize any crowd. He is a regular in the Dutch comedy scene, performing in English as well as in Dutch.

FB: paullondoncomedy

IG: @paullondon83

Rachel Morton-Young


Rachel is an energetic British comedian, living in the Netherlands. As a scatty Mum of two and a skilled chatterbox who thrives on organised chaos, her life is a constant source of inspiration for the comedy she writes and performs. Her observational, casual and relatable style engages audiences at shows around the Netherlands.

Rachel has played at several comedy festivals, including the Nottingham Fringe, Women in Comedy (Manchester) and, most recently, at the Edinburgh Fringe in a witty and relatable show about parenting, “Not Angry, Just Disappointed!”. In 2021 she was awarded Best Stand-up by the


FB: rachelcomedy

IG: @rachelmortonyoung

Rogier Bak


Rogier Bak is a stand-up comedian from Amsterdam. He is Dutch, yes, but has worked incredibly hard to make sure you could never tell. Having spent his formative years in the US, he feels like a foreigner in his home country. He may just be the only Dutch person who wishes he were American.


IG & Twitter: @rogierbak

TikTok: @rogierbakcomedy

Sjoerd Scott


Don’t let his name fool you: he might be the only Sjoerd in the world who’s not Dutch! Hailing from Saint Martin, this young comedian is quickly taking over stages across the country, with his fresh and friendly style of comedy that catches you off-guard with his vivid demeanor and dry wit. Be sure to check out his online video skits about life in the Netherlands.

All socials: @sjoerdscott